All air conditioning systems contain at least two Heat Exchangers, usually called the Condenser and the Evaporator.

In either case, Condenser or Evaporator, the refrigerant flows into the heat exchanger and transfer heat, either gaining or releasing it to be a cooling medium.
The Heat Exchangers are critical parts in the complete A/C System, and Sanden Heat Exchangers use light weight aluminium materials to improve on heat transfer.

Sanden offers Condenser and Evaporator as Heat Exchangers in the A/C System. The commonly used serpentine technology is applied to both the Condenser and the Evaporator.

The Multi-Flow technology for improved capacity and light weight is also applied to the Condenser.


The Condenser is usually installed in front of the engine with the radiator.
It uses the ambient air to cool down the R134a fluids to condense the gas into liquid.
The Multi-Flow (MFC) Condenser, with its parallel-structured refrigerant circuit and thin configuration, achieves power and space savings, as well as performance improvements.


Tube & Fin Condenser
Serpentine Condenser
Parallel Flow Condenser
Multi-Flow Condenser (MFC)

Tube & Fin Condensers

The standard Tube and Fin condenser coil has copper-tubes mechanically bonded to aluminum-fins with louvered enhancements. The cross-section shows copper tubes and several aluminum-fins. High thermal efficiency is achieved through direct metallic contact between the tube and fin. Fin louvers improve the fin’s heat transfer capabilities. As a result, higher thermal performance is achieved with this coil design.


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Serpentine Condensers

In Serpentine Condensers refrigerant flows from the upper inlet to the bottom outlet throught a single flat tube that winds back and forth through the Condenser. Corrogated Aluminium Fines are fused to the Serpentine Tube during the manufacturing process


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Parallel Flow Condensers

In Parallel Flow Condensers refrigerant flows from the upper inlet to the bottom outlet through groups of parallel tubes. Some Parallel Flow Condenser configerations carry refrigerant from right to left and others move it back to the right side.


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Multi-Flow Condenser

A Multi-Flow Condenser includes a minimun of two rows of fluid carrying tubes coupled between a pair of manifolds. Each of the manifolds includes at least one partition to divide an inner space thereof into at least a first chamber and a second chamber. Each of the chambers in fluid communication with at least one of the first row of tubes and at least one of second row of tubes. The two rows of fluid carrying tubes are separated by heat dissipative fins disposed between the tubes.


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